Tuesday, 4 September 2012

An Update, and a Statement from Laura Wilson

The Guardian has published a piece by Alison Flood on the recent controversies surrounding author ethics, and my last blog post features prominently. In the article, the managing director of O'Brien Press, Ivan O'Brien, said:
"It is a strong case and Stuart has put time into putting it together, and from his perspective it definitely looks as if Sam is the perpetrator ... It looks very bad."
Mr O'Brien goes on to argue that in light of Mr Millar's denial, they must take him on his word.

Also in the article, Laura Wilson has gone on record backing up my allegations. Laura has also been in touch with me, and provided the following statement:
"I reached the conclusion that the writer who posted negative reviews of my books on Amazon under the names 'Cormac Mac' and 'Noir Fan' was Sam Millar by following the same 'trail' of lists of reviews, wish lists and signatures as did Stuart Neville. I did this entirely independently of Mr Neville who had not, at that point, been on the receiving end of malicious sock-puppetry from the same source. I am aware that Mr Millar has denied being the author of these reviews, but I feel that the evidence (some of which has now been removed from Amazon) is pretty conclusive."
Speaking of removing evidence, at the time of writing, some of the reviews linked to in my previous post have been removed from Amazon.co.uk.

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