Sunday, 25 May 2008

Just Keeping the Seat Warm

This blog has just been registered with a view to switching over from the Conduit profile.


Josephine Damian said...


Ah ha! So you did get a name based blog! If Merry, Cindy, and lots of others I know can make the switch, then so can you. I know it's a chore, but long term, name recognition is the name of the game.

adrian mckinty said...

Look I know you were afraid of being upstaged by your football playing brothers and Gary and Phil and your England netball star sister Tracey but that's no reason to hide behind a pseudonym, come out into the light.

adrian mckinty said...

oops i put one "and" in there too many.

I should also mention your improbably named father, Neville Neville, England cricket star. Gary, Phil, Tracey and now you, quite the clan.